Iroquois County, Illinois is the only county in the nation with the name Iroquois. Please follow the links below to learn even more about the county, its people and its history.

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Iroquois County Song
Iroquois County Township Map and More!
Queries - now simplified to view archive queries
  Surname Researchers in Iroquois County
Obituary Archive also includes other news article transcriptions submitted.
Iroquois County Place Names
Looking to see Iroquois County? Try the Iroquois County Scrapbook, full of pictures and postcards.
Iroquois County was formed from Vermilion County in 1833. It borders the State of Indiana to its east, and a strange slice of Ford County to its west. Perhaps the politicians who sliced up Vermilion County were doing a bit of "jerry-mandering?" It would be worth your while to look at Michael Hebert's County Maps of Illinois, 1790 - Present. Just because something was in Iroquois County in 1833 does NOT mean it is in Iroquois County NOW. Ford, Will and Kankakee Counties were further carved out of Iroquois and unorganized Vermilion Counties after 1833.
Iroquois Co. Genealogical Society, including a Biographies page.
  The Minnesota Connection
Iroquois County Businesses and Government Offices Are On the Net. Be sure to check out the Local Links while you are there.
Iroquois County in the Civil War, including information on the 10th Illinois Cavalry. Please also visit the Special Projects Pages of the ILGenWeb site.

These links will lead you to a host of others.

  Lyrics to State Song
  Illinois Resources at Rootsweb
  Illinois State Symbols
  Illinois Prairie Cemeteries
  Illinois Civil War
  Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763 - 1900
  Illinois Atlas for 1895
  Illinois State Museum
  Illinois State Genealogical Society - Visit their Home Page, as well as their list of Illinois Resources.
The More Genealogy Links page has more great Links to help in your search. Too many to list here! So be sure to check out this page.
The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
  Cemeteries: Index to On-Line Records
  International Internet Genealogical Society
  Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and Newsletter
  Census Finder
  Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
  German-English Dictionary
  Lutheran Genealogy

Many links lead to pages at the Iroquois County Genealogical Society Website.

  Bible Records Collection A collection of Family Bible Records from the Iroquois County area complete with index.
  Iroquois County Burial Permits A - E
Iroquois County Burial Permits F - K
Iroquois County Burial Permits L - P
Iroquois County Burial Permits Q - Z
  Beaver Township Burial Permits
Iroquois County Cemeteries Listed by Township with a Township Map showing Cemetery locations. Lots of Surnames listed in the Cemetery files here.
  1840 Iroquois County Federal Census Complete with Index
  1835 Federal Census Iroquois County
1830 Vermilion County Federal Census Complete with Index - This is included here because prior to 1833 Iroquois County was still a part of Vermilion County.
  Death Certificates of Iroquois County
  Early Divorce Records of Iroquois County A thru G
Early Divorce Records of Iroquois County H thru M
Early Divorce Records of Iroquois County N thru Z
More Famous Iroquois Countians - Timothy Webster a famous agent of Alan Pinkerton - Sep Palin of Harness Racing fame - Baroness Fern Andra the film star.
  Early Farm Names and the Owners Names. Iroquois County.
  History of Iroquois County Did You Know?
  Iroquois County Original Land Purchases 1831 - 1882 A thru E
Iroquois County Original Land Purchases 1831 - 1882 F thru K
Iroquois County Original Land Purchases 1831 - 1882 L thru P
Iroquois County Original Land Purchases 1831 - 1882 Q thru Z
The Larches The Larches, An Essay on the summer home of detective Allan Pinkerton.
Allan Pinkerton A collection of writings concerning Allan Pinkerton and the Larch Farm and links to the Palmer Manuscripts...
Russell Palmer manuscript A manuscript written by Mr. Russell Palmer. The study of Allan Pinkerton and Larch Farm and links to The Larches...
Iroquois County Place Names Information on all place names past and present in Iroquois County.
  Iroquois County, IL Probate Files A thru K circa 1870-1898 Reels 1 - 25
Iroquois County, IL Probate Files L thru Z circa 1870-1898 Reels 1 - 25
Index to Iroquois County 1890 Tax List The 1890 Federal Census was destroyed in a fire before copies of it could be made, thus there is no census information for that year in most places. This Tax List can help to bridge that gap.
READ ABOUT the flooding in the 1950s and the flooding in 1994 in Iroquois County.
  WWII Enlistments residing in Iroquois County


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