In 1941, Herr J.M. Gross of Buckley, composed a History of the Krumwiede Family. Within this document, he describes a migration of family members (and others) to many places, but specifically to Martin County, Minnesota.

Space"At this point, [abt. 1855] it is chronologically correct to draw attention to another community [Buckley, Iroquois County, Illinois] development. It was the Wanderlust, a migratory spirit. The second generation was budding into young manhood and womanhood. The surge for self sustenance grew in intensity. Excursion trains at low fares for land seekers were advertised conspicuously and promiscuously. That lured many of our people to Minnesota, to the Dakotas, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Buckley people are found almost everywhere in Oklahoma, in Arizona, and in New Mexico. The result of that agitation was that many good people, whole families, changed locations. Among the many in quest of cheaper land were many of the Krumwiede family, to wit: Henry Krumwiede and family, Fred H. Krumwiede, Louis and George A. Krumwiede, William Hartke, A.P. Freitag, August Klann, Edward Sprengel, Charles Fricke, G. Zwirn, the Voehl brothers, the Wagners, and others, including the Wendt family. [Most of the families mentioned above are Krumwiede families by virtue of a marriage to a Krumwiede woman either before this move or in the next generation.]"

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