MANY THANKS to Carol Ecker Krumwiede for providing the names of ALL the people in this picture. Those names which are linked are found in my family tree, and the link will take you to her page.

Back Row:1. Iris Lietz 2. Loretta Krumwiede 3. Gloria Zbinden 4. Bev Hull 5. Pat Johnson 6. Judy Bradshaw
7. Betty Knuth 8. Carol Wells 9. Pat Yates
Center Row 1. Linda Bleich 2. Karen Kottke 3. Rosemarie (?) Bushman 4. Charlene Theesfeld
5. Donna Anderson 6. Joyce Theesfeld 7. Carolyn Koritz 8. Marilyn Kottke 9. Phyliss Walder
10. Jane Ann Hilgendorf
Front Row: 1. Pearl Reynolds 2. Diane Knueppel 3. Eunice Wilkening 4. Karilyn Sterrenberg 5. Janet Clark
6. Mary Schaumburg 7. Wanda Billingsley 8. Sara Jane Bradshaw

Update June 2006

I had one of the people in the picture found on this site contact me to let me know
their were a couple incorrect identifications on the picture. Should be as follows:
Center Row: 3. Viola Bushman 8. Rosemarie Bushman

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