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Downtown Crescent City
The old Iroquois Memorial Hospital
The Larches, summer home of detective Allan Pinkerton
The old Loda High School
Downtown Milford
Downtown Onarga
Presbyterian Church Watseka
St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church Buckley
Sugar Creek, near Milford
1954-55 Basketball Team St. John's Luth. School, Buckley
Girl Scout Lone Troop 1. Buckley, circa 1954
The Barn This historic barn still stands near Milford.
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Photo Album
The Larches, An Essay on the summer home of detective Allan Pinkerton
A manuscript written by Mr. Russell Palmer. The study of Allan Pinkerton and Larch Farm.
A collection of writings concerning Allan Pinkerton and the Larch Farm.
Letter from Bart Beardsley, Pulaski, Tennessee February 19, 1865 Nov 2000
Autograph Book of Jessie Belle Lawson Onarga, ILL. c. 1880 Nov 2000
Autograph Book of Isaac J. Owen; Onarga, Illinois May 20th 1877

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